A Spoonie’s Christmas Stocking Gift Guide

A Spoonie’s Christmas Stocking Gift Guide

There are few things that make me happier than the festive season. It’s a time I look forward to all year long and try to stretch out as long as I can. That being said, being ill makes the holidays a little tougher. Gone are the days when I can aimlessly roam the mall hoping to stumble upon the perfect gifts for people. Instead, I’ve become a list person (and checking it twice #hohoho).

Because of this I’ve learned first hand the importance of giving people an idea of just what you might need (and want, who am I kidding.) So I’ve compiled a list of things I would be super happy to find filling my stocking this year.


Remember all those socks for Christmas jokes? I take them all back. I live in these things year round. This particular pair is from Bath and Body Works but any fuzzy pair will do. Bonus points if you find some with little grips on them as they can be super helpful if your balance is bad.


If you’re anything like me you can always use new reading materials. At the height of my illness I had to stop reading books. They had just become too hard to absorb. Instead I fell in love with magazines. Particularly ones with nice photos for when my brain fog got really bad. I think these would be appreciated by anyone Christmas morning.


Finally I think skin care is a really safe bet. My choices would be products that are universally liked (the Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kheil’s is a big hit amongst everyone I know who has tried it) but you could also buy for individual needs. One of the super fun symptoms of Babesiosis I developed was a mast cell issue that caused extreme flushing on my face. The cooling gel pictured above from the Body Shop very quickly became a mini life saver in a tube. Something like this would be not only practical but also super thoughtful.

These are just a few ideas of things that I wouldn’t mind finding in my stocking Christmas morning. I may do another post on some larger Christmas Wish List items for you guys soon, but in the meantime.. what would you hope to find Christmas morning? Let me know in the comments below & thanks so much for reading!!