My Cozy Little Corner

My Cozy Little Corner

I have whole heartedly embraced the concept of hygge. In fact, I probably could be a leading expert at it. I do everything in my power to make sure my life is as comfortable as possible. It’s my way of dealing with a body that is in constant discomfort. My goal is to make this little corner of the internet reflect that.

I’ve tried starting a blog so many times before, but always decided I simply didn’t have enough to say. It wasn’t until the other day when I was watching one of my favourite youtubers (Courtelizz1 – check her out if you haven’t; she’s the epitome of the word inspiration) that I realized there’s something to be said for watching normalcy amongst illness. It’s the same reason I can spend hours scrolling through the chronic illness community’s posts on insta. It’s a gentle reminder that there’s still a beautiful life to be lived despite illness.

For this reason I hope to highlight the bright side of things, and the small things that bring me joy. Don’t get me wrong; I would trade a few limbs to have my health back.. but despite the struggle it is so important to remember to enjoy as many moments as possible.  This is my reminder to myself – so expect lots of coffees, candles, blankets, and beauty items to fill these pages.

What are some things that bring you joy? Thanks so much for reading!