The Season to Sparkle

The Season to Sparkle

There’s a lot about winter to dread when you have a chronic illness. The bone chilling cold and the icy sidewalks are just the beginning. It’s been hard to complain on the east coast of Canada this year though as we’ve been treated to some unseasonably high temperatures thus far. Therefore, when I noticed the first real snowfall happening outside my window today it was hard not to get excited.

In case you weren’t feeling as cheery as I was about the upcoming cold season; I’ve compiled a few of my favourite winter specific items that make winter extra special in my opinion.

  • Candles: There’s nothing more hygge than candles. At any given moment in the winter I have two to three burning away. Not only do they make my apartment smell great but they also provide the warmest glow imaginable. I’m almost starting to look forward to our first power outage of the season just thinking about them (almost.)
  • Cozy winter wear: This is the first year I have actually invested in a hat, scarf, and mittens instead of just wearing whatever I could find around the house and the difference has been unreal. No itchy wool is coming anywhere near me ever again if I can help it. Instead, I am now a complete convert to Root’s knitwear line. Also, is it just me or do pompoms make everything feel warmer?
  • Essential oils: As the temperature has started to dip I can feel my skin gradually becoming drier and drier. That’s when I know it’s time to fire up the diffuser and bask in the scent of essential oils. My favourite this year has been the health pack from Sage Wellness and the Sleep scent from Bath and Body works – I swear this stuff puts me right to sleep.
  • Sparkly makeup: Last but not least, in my opinion, the winter season gives you the perfect opportunity to go ham with the glitter. Sure, I pretty much do this all year round, but in the winter at least I feel like I’m not the only one.

What do you look forward to most this time of year?