Treat Yourself Tuesday

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Today was my first day back at work after a five day vacation and all I could think about was coming back home and relaxing. I don’t know if it’s the darker weather, the closeness to Christmas, or just my general fatigue but lately full days have been rough. That’s why the moment I stepped through my front door I immediately switched into self care mode.

On tonight’s agenda is a face mask (Fresh’s Rose face mask is my all time fav.) a Lush bath and an early bed time. It might not be the most blogworthy evening but it’s definitely what the doctor ordered.

I’ve also been thinking about the direction that I want to take this blog in the New Year. My love of photography is growing by the day so I definitely think I want that to play more of a role, but I’m also thinking about trying to organize a bit of a book club? Let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas!


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  1. December 20, 2017 / 7:10 am

    I love photography sites and they do seem very popular!