My Boxing Day Resolution

My Boxing Day Resolution

Does anyone else feel more motivated on Boxing Day each year than they do New Years? I don’t know why but come December 26th each year I’m inspired to make some big changes. Of course these have usually fallen by the wayside just in time for everyone else to be committing to a healthier, happier year… but at least I try. I’m also hoping that this little blog will keep me a bit more accountable than I have been in other years.

The problem with resolutions when you’re chronically ill though is you just never know how you’re going to feel. So while my resolution might seem super lenient to some, to me it’s going to be a definite challenge.

The goal: complete Yoga with Adriene’s 30 days of Yoga by March 1st 2018.

Yes, you read that write, I’m giving myself a little over double the amount of time it should take me to complete this challenge, but truth of the matter is I still spend approximately half of my free time in the fetal position, so this would be a major improvement.

To give you a bit of backstory; I used to love yoga. At one time I was even taking classes five days a week. Then when I got sick it was no longer an option. Whenever I’ve started to feel better in the past I immediately hop back on the yoga train. I remember trying to do an early morning class where I ended up being the only student at a new yoga studio and literally couldn’t hold downward dog because my arms were too violently shaking, despite being inches away from a forearm stand mere months before. There was also a very funny period where I thought paddle board yoga would be a great way to ease back into the sport… I’m going to blame the brain fog for that one.

I did have some success participating in an afterwork yoga program recently though which has sparked my interest in starting up a gentler practice. I also know my Doc wants me to up my movement, and to be honest; choosing the sport with the greatest possibility for lying down breaks seems genius.

I’m specifically choosing yoga with Adriene because I know in the privacy of my own home there’s no one to compare myself to, which usually leads to me pushing myself too far. I also just really love her videos, especially as a way to unwind after work. Finally, it’s super simple to unroll a mat and throw on youtube, whereas actually leaving the house in the winter can be a bit daunting.

So here goes, day #1 of the challenge. Wish me luck! Here is the link to day one of the yoga series if anyone is interested in following along: