Knowing Your Worth

Knowing Your Worth

Real talk: being chronically ill fricken sucks. I don’t know if you’ve gathered that from my posts before, after all positivity is key, but sometimes you just need to be honest and honestly IT FRICKEN SUCKS.

The thing about health I never realized is just how much we take for granted when healthy. For instance, did you shower today? Well guess what, if you didn’t need to nap afterword you just experienced what it’s like to be healthy…but I bet it never even crossed your mind. The thing about being unhealthy is you very suddenly become acutely aware of your limitations. I know exactly what I can’t do do, and I know exactly how often I can’t do it.

Most people are fairly understanding of these limitations, but it’s still super hard to think positively about yourself when in the back of your mind you know you’re only living half a life.

The book I’m reading “You do You” suggests that we spin our insecurities into positives. For instance, “I’m too quiet” becomes “I’m good at observation”. But how do you spin “I need 14 hours of sleep a night” into a positive? And how do you spin “sometimes I’m so inadvertently high on medication (prescribed to be clear lol) that I start speaking gibberish” into a positive? I mean I guess you could say fun at parties (I kid) but in real life that’s not a great skill to have.

Unfortunately I don’t have any answers or suggestions on this… I’m legitimately wondering, How do you maintain a strong sense of self worth when you knowingly are not operating at full capacity? And how do you convince others of your worth when you’re feeling this way?

Asking for a friend. Lol