Waiving the Green Flag

Waiving the Green Flag

You know you’re chronically ill when you go shopping on your lunch break and end up nearly passing out in the stationary isle and then just casually continue on with your day as usual.

Today was rough, like, if we had any form of decent medical options in the area I would have headed for immediate assistance, rough. Not sure what caused it but I am hoping and praying that when I wake up tomorrow it will have passed.

Because I am in no position to write anything deep or meaningful today, I’m instead going to give you some facts on Lyme disease. Learning is fun right? And knowledge is power, or something like that.

Here we go:

  1. You likely will never see the tick. The adage of the tick needing to be a certain size and type has been disproven (and is being studied at both Mnt A and Dalhousie for anyone local!) Nymph ticks can be the size of a poppy seed, and will likely attach close to the ground. Running through the woods barefoot is not a great idea; triathletes be warned.
  2. Just because you don’t get a rash, doesn’t mean you’re in the clear! In fact, the majority of people don’t get the classic bullseye rash.
  3. Mainstream testing is inaccurate: think you can’t have lyme because your Canadian Elisa test came back negative? Think again. Lyme needs to be a clinical diagnosis. That doesn’t mean there aren’t indicators in your blood, it just means there’s not one specific antibody test.
  4. You never just get Lyme. Or at least, just getting lyme (or Borellia to be specific) is really really rare. If a tick carries Borellia it likely also has other bacteria such as Bartonella and Babesia (what my lovely tick bite gave me.) You could also get Anaplasmosis, Mycoplasma, Powassan Virus, or Tularemia. There’s more I’m sure but this should be enough to scare you out of the woods!
  5. Doctors don’t know this stuff yet. If you have any interest at all in Lyme Disease I cannot recommend to you enough the documentary “Under Our Skin.” It does a really good job of showing the plight of Lyme patients in getting diagnosed and in getting treated. It also shows just how helpful Lyme literate doctors are to their patients. Clinically, it’s been proven over and over that the long term effect of Lyme disease, often made significantly worse by lack of quick treatment, can be mitigated with proper medication. My own doctor has a long list of cured patients on his wall, and I can’t wait to get my name on it. Unfortunately, almost, if not all of us, have been told we have untreatable ME (chronic fatigue syndrome), Fibromyalgia, or other auto immune issues for years prior to a Lyme diagnosis. This means years of unnecessary pain and suffering.

Ok that turned into a bit of a long rant, sorry about that! Let me know in the comments if you’re interested in a few more of these Lyme facts style posts!



  1. Jennifer
    January 19, 2018 / 2:39 am

    Nice Blog! I didn’t know how horrific Lyme was until I viewed , “Under our Skin.” This documentary got my husband on board to get me treated as well.

    I hope and pray that you wake up feeling great tomorrow.

    • admin
      January 19, 2018 / 2:43 am

      Thank you!! I wish more people knew about it! I hear so many stories of people with a mystery illness that can’t be treated… it just breaks my heart!