The Saturday of Unrest

The Saturday of Unrest

I just realized I never fully updated my blog readers on my Etsy shop! There is a link above if you would like to check it out (or you could just click HERE).

I think I may have been a little bit too ambitious with it at first, but now I think I’m finally finding my footing and creating prints I love, and genuinely enjoy seeing in my space. I hope to incorporate a lot more photography soon but the weather has just been so bleak and I’m at work when the lighting is good.

Today I worked on the shop for a while but then did something I’ve been waiting all week for; I watched Unrest the documentary (now on Netflix!) This was so so well done!

I was familiar with the creator from her amazing TED talk on ME but was still completely enthralled with her story and her passion for raising awareness.

I don’t know if most people know this, or if I mentioned this before on the blog, but my official “Canadian diagnosis” is ME / fibromyalgia / pericarditis (lyme isn’t really a thing here). This made the documentary even more frustrating as I know first hand a diagnosis of ME shouldn’t be the end of the road, yet most patients are told to go home and go to bed, just like I was. Had I not pushed as hard as I did I never would have found out what was causing my ME and might still be spending my life bed bound.

Here’s the other troubling fact. I got the long end of the stick; for whatever reason luck was on my side and I’m fortunate enough to have an incredible support system — but what about those that don’t?

Everyone who has a few spare hours should check out this film! It will definitely open some eyes regarding chronic illness and the millions missing movement! ME is actually more prevalent than MS but most people haven’t heard about it. I also wonder how many people suffering from ME would be diagnosed with Lyme if they had the opportunity to see a Lyme literate doctor… but that might be a subject for another blog post!

I also don’t mean to be such a downer in these posts. I promise some fun fashion, fitness, and beauty content soon! I just think it’s so important to spread awareness! I really can’t thank everyone enough for reading and for their kind comments, it means so much to me!


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