My Makeup Capsule

My Makeup Capsule

This post is part of a three part series on my “capsule wardrobes” – look for part 2 & 3 coming soon.

I got into the idea of creating little “capsules” of items from the Anna Edit’s Youtube channel. She just makes getting ready for the day look so effortless, I knew that downsizing would be something I’d really enjoy. The best part about the process so far is that it has helped minimize a lot of symptoms!

You’ve probably heard (or read) me refer to spoons quite often. Well, in case you don’t know the spoon theory, I’m not actually talking about literal spoons. Legend has it the spoon theory stems from someone trying to describe what living with a chronic illness is like to a friend. The person looked around her kitchen and happened to find a stack of 6 or so spoons. She told her friend to imagine each spoon represented a piece of energy, and each daily task you did would deplete your spoons. Once you ran out of spoons that was it for the day.

Knowing this, she asked how her friend would allocate her energy using the spoons. The friend quickly said she’d use one spoon to go to dinner with friends, one spoon to go to work, one to go dancing etc… The person with chronic illness said well what if I told you waking up, and getting out of bed would use one whole spoon. Brushing your teeth would use another spoon. Showering would use three, unless you had a shower stool, then it would only use two.

The friend quickly realized just how quick her spoons were depleted, and supposedly then understood just how little energy we have throughout the day to allocate towards basic life tasks. Thus, the term spoon / spoonie. Well imagine being chronically ill and having to dig through piles of things each morning to find what you were going to wear. That’s what I was doing before my capsules, and it was just using way too much energy and spoons. With the capsules I only have what I need, can grab things quick, don’t have to worry about whether I’m going to like what I grab, and know it’s a seasonally appropriate choice. I think this is the best life hack since sliced bread became avocado toast.

I should point out before I tell you what exactly is in my makeup capsule wardrobe that I am a makeup fiend. I live for the stuff. In fact, I have way more than anyone could possibly need. I wish I could be even more minimalist but truth is I really enjoy wearing a full face of makeup each day – although I don’t mind rocking no makeup when I need to. I also don’t change this out seasonally, this is all I keep in my vanity at any given time.

Base products:

  • Benefit’s the Porefessional
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in vanilla
  • Instant age rewind foundation in creamy ivory
  • Instant age rewind dark circle eraser in fair
  • Maybelline fit me powder in natural beige
  • & a random eye primer that I got in an Ipsy bag and wore the label off

The only place I could conceivably cut down here is getting rid of one of the foundations. If I had to choose I would go with bourjois but I like having one lighter and one darker depending on my mood, and they don’t take up much room.

Face products

  • Kat Von D Shade and Light pallet
  • Becca & Chrissy Teigan colab pallet
  • Hourglass ambient lighting trio
  • Nars blushes in deepthroat (golden pink) & unlawful (more of a mauve)
  • Hourglass blush in ethereal glow (baby pink)

This is still a bit excessive but I do use all of these and again, most are packaged fairly compact.


  • Naked 1, 2, 3 & heat
  • Maybelline the rocket mascara
  • Benefit goof proof eyebrow pencil
  • Kat Von D tattoo liner

I at one point had about 29 random drug store eye shadows in here that were from when I was super young. We don’t like to waste things in my family, but makeup does spoil and I never reached for them. Also, this will sound silly, but I used to keep old mascara tubes thinking there was enough for just one more application. Dumb.


  • MAC’s cremecup (light pink), brave (light mauve), sunny Seoul (brighter pink), dark side (burgundy), & all fired up (red)
  • Mac lip liners in Vino (burgundy) and Cherry (red)

Nothing that I don’t LOVE to wear here and only one in each shade range. I would like a nice light peach for summer but we’ll see on that.

This actually looks like a ton when it’s written all out but it actually all fits really neatly on one small shelf, and I pretty much know exactly when to grab what. I used to have to sift through things I had for YEARS that I would never use, just because I didn’t want to see them wasted. I also don’t buy anything new unless I’m out of something, or if it’s something I think I could logically fit in (I really didn’t need all of the urban decay palettes, but YOLO.) A girls still gotta have some fun!

What are your favourite makeup items? Any essentials you think I’m missing? I almost posted this without mentioning mascara.


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